November 21, 2023 / 1 minute

Package: Back Office Organiser

Keeping things organised

Umbraco lets developers create various data structures to support their website's content. These include Document Types, Media Types, Member Types and Data Types.

Staying organised takes time and costs money

Over the lifetime of a website it is expected to have received various fixes, changes and may even see multiple major version updates. 

None of this is inherently bad but with multiple development teams making changes, often under time constraints, housekeeping tasks such as organising Document Types and Data Types can go neglected.

I've been there many times, arguing with myself that while I should be keeping things organised, no one wants to pay for it. - and who can blame them?

Can it be done in a single-click?

It sure can!

Here's my opinionated organiser for

    • Data Types
    • Document Types
    • Media Types
    • Member Types
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Back Office Organiser

Keep your Backoffice organised!

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